Dear Member,

The following instructions are for earning a UPPCC championship and specifying the importance for completing the Club Win sheets to determine your dogs standing based on the Club's Rank Point system. Win sheets must be completed for each show and each event in which your competed and won it's category.

Each win sheet must be signed; by the officiating judge, of the event in which the dog participated. These documents are then to be sent to the UPPCC address listed on the bottom of each win sheet, no later than 30 days from the initial show date. Please make copies of each document for your personal file.

In addition to earning your UPPCC championship, the Club recognizes the following Championship titles: UKC, ARBA, SKC, IABCA, and Rarities as well as any International titles. These titles will be placed in front of your dogs name in the order the Championships were earned. All Obedience and Working titles earned from sanctioned events will be placed at the rear of the dog's name.

If your dog has not completed his/her UPPCC Championship, it must compete as a Class dog, regardless of their other earned titles, until the UPPCC Championship is complete, otherwise, only rank points will be tabulated.

Completing a  UPPCC Championship

To earn a UPPCC Championship, a dog must earn (15) points, including (2) major wins of 3-points or higher, under two different judges.

Breed Class Placements

One point earned: for every dog defeated of the same sex.

BEST of BREED: will receive ALL the points for ALL dogs defeated.

BEST of OPPOSITE: will receive the points for defeating the same sex.

BEST of WINNERS: will receive the highest number of points from either the dog or the bitch class.

Group Placement Points

GROUP WINS: First through fourth place earns 1 point for every dog defeated in that group.


To win is an automatic 5-point major, regardless of number of dogs defeated.

No more than 5 points can be earned at any one show. Total number of points earned must come from no less than 3 different judges.



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