No dogs will be registered without the sire and the dame being registered with numbers and papers.
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Registration $30 This is to be used for dogs that are not currently registered with the UPPCC. If you are already registered with FCI or UKC - $30. Other registries - $350. If you need to register a dog that is currently registered with another club you will need to send the pedigree as well as the registration numbers. You must include the information requested on the form and will require a UPPCC registration form, three photos of the dog (front view, side view and side view of the dogs head) along with dogs measurements (height at withers & weight).

FCI or UKC - $30

Other Registries - $350

Puppy Paper: $10 each --- This is a big change for the breeder. There will no longer be a litter registration fee of $30, and it will only cost $10 per puppy instead of $25. The buyer will need to pay $15 to register the puppy with the puppy paper.

Breeder: Puppy registration is $10 per puppy in the litter. You must include the information requested on the form.

Temporary Puppy Paper: $15 if your breeder has given you a temporary puppy paper you must send in the temporary paper to receive your registration.

If your breeder did not give you a temporary paper and did not register any of the puppies in the litter you must use the $30 registration form, it must be complete in order to register your dog.

Registration of a puppy paper: $15

Pedigree: $60

Rush fee - For a fee of $80, paperwork will be sent out in 3 business days. That's Monday - Friday - $80 Rush Fee

Incomplete forms will cost an additional $25